About Me

Before graduating University at Albany (SUNY), I discovered a passion for marketing and branding. In my world, marketing is the CORE of a successful business. It is the place where logic and creativity come together and solve problems. I am your marketing problem solver.

My experiences and skills include: brand creation/development, social media management, email marketing and much more.  My fiancée is working towards her PhD at FSU, we live in Tallahassee.  My plan, my goal is bringing to bear my marketing and business insight, and become an essential part of this professional community.  For your new and growing businesses, regardless of your physical location, getting your brand recognized and valued, JDB Marketing is your solution.

My name is Jason Breslow and I am JDB Marketing


Social Media Management

Grow your social media presence and engage your audience where they are! With JDB Marketing, your company will compete online while you focus on what you do best! 

Brand Development

 Building a brand is about consistency and perception.

Partnering with JDB Marketing means ensuring your prospects know who you are without a lengthy sales conversation!



Your website should be working for you, 24/7. Partner with JDB Marketing to optimize your website as a sales tool. Educate your prospects and establish a flow of inbound leads!

Google Ads

(Pay Per Click)

 Showing up on Google is a marketing necessity! With JDB Marketing, your pay per click Google ads will drive consistent traffic to your website, and you barely have to lift a finger!



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