Navigating social media 

When someone asks if your business is “on social media,” what do you think? Do you instantly tell them you have a Facebook page? What about Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and the rest? Do you think about sponsored ads or Instagram stories? For your business you need to know the difference between these platforms. 

To get started, JDB Marketing offers these five helpful hints!

Navigating social media for your busines

1. Choosing Platforms

How many social media platforms can you name?

If you can name 10 social media sites, that is impressive! You may be shocked to know there are hundreds! For each platform there might be a different audience. Choose a platform that will attract the ideal client.


***It is better to be effective on one platform than barely effective on ten.


2. Setup

Once you have selected a few social media platforms (JDB suggests 2-3), through which to engage your audience, you must establish your branding and style. For platforms such as Facebook, an example of this would be creating a profile picture as well as a cover photo. For review sites (e.g. Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc.), your setup mandate is that your information is correct.


3. Tools & Resources

What makes humans special, aside from having opposable thumbs? Using tools! There are free, economical, and expensive ways to improve your social media efficiency. Your budget might drive which ones you choose.

Some examples are:

  • Team Members - If you make social media a team (e.g. Employees) effort, you get more reach!

  • Scheduling Platforms - Plan your posts weeks in advance and schedule them to post automatically...set it and forget it.

  • Professional Management - Consultants, Agencies and Freelancers all are resources you can leverage. Start today with JDB Marketing!


4. Personality

As you have established your branding (website and offline), on each platform you must develop what your brand personality will be. Some platforms are better suited for specific personalities. For example, having a silly personality on LinkedIn might not be as effective as a silly personality on Twitter.

5. Paid or Organic

Within social media marketing, there is a distinct split between Paid Advertising & Organic. Finding the right balance will optimize your success.


Paid Advertisements will be clearly identified (e.g. Facebook would say “Sponsored”). Through paid advertising, you can target specific audiences and set budget parameters, paying only when your ad is clicked. JDB Marketing suggests this is perfect for campaigns and promotions.


Organic posting is also powerful marketing. Your audience’s response to organic posts can trigger additional free advertising. Paid and Organic Advertising are invaluable and they need to compliment each other perfectly so your business will thrive.


These five hints are only scratching the surface of Social Media Marketing. Your customers want to engage with your company online.


Let’s discuss these five points further, and your marketing needs.  Schedule a FREE 30 Minute Social Media Consultation.

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